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Reopening Resources

The Latest Reopening Resources from C.A.R. 

With the lifting of many COVID-19 restrictions, the following resources from C.A.R. are the resources you should be consulting as you run your business:

- C.A.R. Quick Guide on real estate showings post June 15

- C.A.R. FAQs on showings and open houses post June 15

You can also watch a C.A.R. webinar covering this topic here

Check Reopening Status

The state of California is moving towards a 'full reopening' of the state's economy on June 15th. ​

Check the reopening status of different sectors with California's reopening status tool.


Enter your location and industry to see the current status.

LA County Resources

Los Angeles County has released business reopening guidance for a wide range of businesses. Here are some key documents that you will need to reopen your real estate offices, and to safely operate your business during the COVID-19 recovery. This guidance  - and reopening timelines - have been changing rapidly so please keep checking back as this page is regularly updated.

Most cities in LA County are following county guidance, however the City of Los Angeles has released separate reopening guidelines.

Click here to view City of Los Angeles Reopening Guidelines.

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